Publications du projet :

    • Tsiry Mayet, Simon Bernard, Clément Chatelain, Romain Hérault: Multiple Noises in Diffusion Model for Semi-Supervised Multi-Domain Translation (submitted) CoRR abs/2309.14394 (2023)
    • Leshanshui Yang, Sébastien Adam, Clément Chatelain: Dynamic Graph Representation Learning with Neural Networks: A Survey. (submitted) CoRR abs/2304.05729 (2023)
    • D. Jain and ‪R. Modzelewski and R. Herault and C. Chatelain and S. Thureau, Multi-Modal U-net for Segmenting Gross Tumor Volume in Lungs during Radiotherapy, submitted (2023)
    • Tsiry Mayet, Simon Bernard, Clément Chatelain, Romain Hérault: Domain Translation via Latent Space Mapping. IJCNN 2023: 1-10 (
    • L. Yang, C. Chatelain, and S. Adam, « DspGNN: Bringing Spectral Design to Discrete Time Dynamic Graph Neural Networks for Edge Regression, » in Temporal Graph Learning Workshop@NeurIPS, 2023

    Articles présentés en groupe de lecture :

    Articles recommandés :

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